Upcoming Exhibits & News - (So far) - Spring/Fall 2013

  1. April 2013 - Recipient of The University of Texas at Arlington's 'Creative Faculty and Staff' Award.  Awarded for 7 notable art exhibits in 2012.  (Award & Publication.).  Arlington, TX.

  2. The Arts United Magazine Issue #3: Metaphysical Expressions: (Opening Reception Date TBA)  San Antonio, TX.

    Metaphysical: of or relating to the transcendent or to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses.
    Art gives us the ability to share our unique connection to the universe. Oftentimes, the most powerful connections that we make with the metaphysical world are at first formless and intangible. Whether they are visions, floods of sound, or words echoing in the mind, it becomes the artists' mission to create physical representations of those experiences, making the artist a liaison between the community and a realm beyond perceptible senses. But, where do these experience come from and why have they chosen you? We want this issue to contain art that is related to the process of receiving, filtering, and giving physical form to creative energies. We want this issue to find their source and discuss belief systems that give meaning to our existence. We want this issue to propose new truths, to reinstate old truths, and to shout out questions that topple dogmas. Our goal is to welcome the diversity of thought and give each artist the power to help define our current society as well as construct a future one.

    Two of my short films will be presented in this exhibit.  I am extremely grateful to The Arts United San Antonio!   http://theartsunited.org/

  3. Art Conspiracy's Fall Invitational "MOUNTED".  Dallas, TX.  This charity auction will take place in the Fall of 2013, Dallas, TX.  (More info TBA) http://www.artconspiracy.org/