Session Vocals - "Blood Sky" by Herd of Instinct

Kris featured as guest vocalist on band Herd of Instinct's debut cd, self titled. Cd reviewed in October 2011's Guitar Player Magazine as 1 of the Editor's Top 3 new bands! Also features cd art design and layout by Kris (conceptualized and commissioned by Mark Cook).
Hear the song "Blood Sky" released on FirePool Records, 2011.

Listen here:

Track Reviews:

“Blood Sky”, the only track [from Herd Of Instinct] featuring vocals, is one of the undisputed highlights of the album, a haunting showcase for the husky, understated vocals of former 99 Names of God singer Kris Swenson." - Progmisstress.

"Although the mainstay of this album is fundamentally instrumental we do see "Blood Sky" featuring some rather stunning melancholic vocals courtesy of Kris Swenson, which are more than just incidental." - Sea of Tranquility.

"“Blood Sky” starts with a nice rhythmic tapping guitar theme. It is the only track with a pop-rocky edge by adding a vocalist here (Kris Swenson), who also used to be in the original 99 names of god band. With additional electric guitar arrangements and mellotron this is an attractive mixture of progressive music with modern pop." - Psychemusic.